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Evil Chefs does
not cook for grandma.

Ok. Maybe sometimes.
But far away from our products.

Pure Evil from
Gotland, Sweden!

Evil Chefs is a Swedish enterprise located on the island of Gotland in the baltic sea. We grow and refine superhot chili fruits. Our number one product is the No1 Pure Evil Hot Sauce. We are currently working on the launch of several more.

The company is founded and run by the two original evil chefs and an evil designer, two of us are also siblings and all three of us are friends and chiliheads. 

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Evil Chef’s No1 Pure 100% Evil Natural Naga Hot Sauce is made of fresh Naga Bhut Jolokia chili, onions, garlic and vinegar. It will cure even the most severe facial boredom and stiffness of the tastebuds. The sauce contains no additives, coloring or preservatives and no extracts, giving an all-natural, all fresh taste that will blow your mind. No1 is not sweetened and not too sour, a well balanced hot sauce that measures up to 60.000 Scoville.

No1 is produced in micro-batches – a 100% pure Evil hot sauce handmade in Sweden.


Cook at your own risk!

Evil burger with chili aioli

Evil con carne

Evil salsa

Where it’s
already burning:

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you have any questions.

Evil AB, Stenkumla Gardrungs 187, 621 95 Visby
Evil AB, Stenkumla Gardrungs 187, 621 95 Visby

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