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In a particularly isolated island (Gotland) close to the end of the world (Sweden) two friends, chefs and chiliheads decided to light the tastebuds of the world on fire. Why? Because evil will always prevail. And they we´re kind of bored.... Read more »


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The Chilihunter - 10/10
"This is how you pay homage to a pepper, the freshness and strong fruitiness is both painful and moreish..."

Ted Barrus - The Firebreathing Idiot
Heat: 7/10 (8 is the highest score for natural sauces without extracts)
Flavour: 8,5/10

Paul M Tonkin - UK
"A great sauce for adding good amounts of heat and fresh chilli flavour without unwanted flavours..."
Heat 9/10
Taste 7.5/10
Appearance 10/10

Darth Naga
"It's bloody hot. It's bloody fresh tasting. I have been through absolute hell on a sunday evening. Great!"

Brad Bishop
"I don't really wanna open this thing. I've never seen a bottle look so cool."

The Gentlemen at
Clifton Chili Club
No1 Hot Sauce:

Limited Harvest 2013:

Evil Chefs

Naga Hot Sauce No1 has delivered many tastebuds to evil. And so Evil Chefs quest to save us all from facial boredom continues…


Evil Chefs HB
Box 1028
621 21 Visby

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