IRL RETAILERS: Some hot spots in
Sweden that sell "Eil Chefs No1":

Hästbacken Saluhall & Bar, Visby
Extreme Food, Stockholm
Extreme Food, Göteborg

MSA Body Art, Visby
The Hammer Bar, Visby
BaraBraMat, Göteborg
Friskvårdshuset, Oskarshamn
Keges Grosshandel, Gotland (Grossist)
Gården Direkt, Stockholm (Grossist)

Evil Chef´s No 1 Pure Evil

Evil Chef's No1 Pure 100% Evil Natural Naga Hot Sauce is made of fresh Naga Bhut Jolokia chili, onions, garlic and vinegar. It will cure even the most severe facial boredom and stiffness of the tastebuds. The sauce contains no additives, coloring or preservatives and no extracts, giving an all natural, all fresh taste that will blow your mind. No1 is not sweetened and not too sour, a well balanced hot sauce that measures up to 60.000 scoville.

No1 is produced in microbatches – a 100% pure Evil hot sauce handmade in Sweden.

Price 129 SEK
Production Ronehamn, Gotland, Sweden
100 ml Contains no extracts or additives.

Limited Harvest 2014

The "Limited Harvest 2014" is a rare and unique batch - blended from 100% ecological chilies, lovingly grown and harvested for by the Evil Chefs themselves.
This is a new kind of evil, homegrown and handmade and released in only 150 bottles. Each bottle is numbered.

Price 249 SEK
Production Ronehamn, Gotland, Sweden
Ingredients Seasalt. Applecidervinegar. Fresh chilis grown in Gotland.
100 ml Contains no extracts or additives.

Chili-infused Naga Seasalt

45 grams of top quality seasalt infused with Evil Chef's NO1 hot sauce and mixed up with dried, roasted flakes and seeds of Naga Jolokia. It may seem innocent but it really packs an evil punch and has been a hit with everyone from the most fiery evil chilihead to chili virgins. A must on all evil dining tables...

Price 49 SEK
Production Ronehamn, Gotland, Sweden
Ingredients Seasalt. NO1 Hot Sauce. Driad, roasted Naga Jolokia chilies.
45g Contains no extracts or additives.

Evil Chefs

Naga Hot Sauce No1 has delivered many tastebuds to evil. And so Evil Chefs quest to save us all from facial boredom continues…


Evil Chefs HB
Box 1028
621 21 Visby

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